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Ficus Retusa in Mid-Century Pot

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The Ficus Retusa, often referred to as Ficus Ginseng, is a highly popular evergreen indoor tree. They are most commonly found in the form of a bonsai, as they’re easily manipulated to stay compact and small. These Ficus Bonsai often have thick trunks that are shaped into a small tree or S shape, which makes its full canopy of oval deep green leaves pop.

approx. height plant with pot: ~40cm

weight: 1.7kg

material: ceramic pot with saucer 

color: Black


  • Light: Prefers bright indirect or direct sunlight
  • Water: Water when the top inch soil is completely dry by dip your finger in the soil, Water well and then allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering again. It can sometimes last 1 week before it needs water
  • Humidity: Basic household humidity

**this is a potted plant, the pot has drainage hole and come with saucer, water moderately