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Begonia Maculata in Antnest Pot

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The Begonia Maculata ‘Wightii’, also known as the ‘Angel Wing Polka Dot’ Begonia, Originally from Brazil. This ggorgeous plant is a bigger specimen among begonias and it looks really playful with its plentiness of big white spots all around the dark green leaves. It is unique in the form of its leaves. Because it has olive green leaves freckled with silvery-white spots on its upper surface and a red-Bordeaux reverse.

approx. height plant with pot: ~40cm

weight: 2.4kg 

material: concrete

pot color: dark brown


  • Light: Grow best in Medium to Bright indirect sunlight
  • Water: Water when the top inch soil is completely dry by dip your finger in the soil, Water well and then allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering again. It can sometimes last 2 week before it needs water
  • Humidity: Basic household humidity
  • Toxicity: Non Pet Friendly

**this is a potted plant, the pot has drainage hole, water moderately