4 Ways To Increase Humidity For Houseplants

4 Ways To Increase Humidity For Houseplants

4 Ways to increase humidity for houseplants

1. Make some pebble trays
Pebble trays are another easy DIY solution to increase humidity around a plant. You typically don't want a plant's roots sitting in water, so to prevent that from happening, add clean pebbles in a shallow water-filled tray. Place the plant on top of the tray. The water will gradually evaporate around the plant, boosting humidity.

2. Mist plants
One of the simplest ways to bring at least a little humidity to the plant's surrounding environment is by misting its leaves with filtered or distilled water. This increases moisture around the proximity of the plant, and depending how dry it is and the species of plant, you may need to mist several times a day, although if you truly want to build up the humidity, you'd have to mist it even more than that—and at that stage, it's probably best to get a humidifer.

3. Huddle your plants
If you have enough plants in a corner of your house or room, that part of the room will often be a bit more humid, compliments of the plants. This is not only better for us human folk living in a home, but also for plant species that prefer a little more humidity.

4. Get a humidifier
The easiest way to regulate the humidity in your home is with a humidifier – this way, you can take advantage of more humidity, too.

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