6 Basic steps how to repot plant

6 Basic steps how to repot plant

not sure how to repot your potted houseplant? here we share 6 easy steps you need to know how to repot your plants. Let's begin!



  1. Turn your houseplant sideways, hold it gently by the stems, and tap the bottom of its current container until the plant slides out. You can give it a bit of help with a couple gentle tugs on the base of the stems if you need to!
  2. With your hands, loosen the plant’s roots and prune any that are dead or extra long. You’ll want to trim those threadlike roots toward the bottom of the root system, not the thicker roots at the base of the foliage. If your plant is root-bound — roots growing in very tight circles around the base of the plant (with barely any potting mix left in between) — unbind them as best you can and give them a trim. You may find yourself tearing them a little if you cannot finesse them apart.
  3. Remove about one third or more of the old potting mix. Your plant has removed most of the nutrients in that old mix anyway.
  4. Pour a layer of fresh potting soil into the planter and pack it down, removing any air pockets. If your planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, create crevices for the extra water to pool into, away from your plant’s roots by layering the bottom of your planter with a generous layer of lava rocks before adding your soil.
  5. Set your plant on top of the fresh layer of mix in the planter, making sure it’s centered.
  6. Add potting mix around the plant until it’s secure. Be sure not to pack too much soil into the planter, as you want the roots to breathe. You’ll want to avoid piling soil all the way up to the top of the planter too. Instead leave some space below the lip of the pot. It’ll be difficult to water your plant properly if the soil is packed in too high, as water will rush off the sides of the pot without ever soaking in.
  7. Even out the potting soil on top, water well, and let it drain.

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